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Frequently asked questions

Below you will find answers to many questions we receive on a regular basis.

A: The minimum age required to attend b2s events is 18. In the event of any doubt regarding age, guests may be asked to present identification. If you are under 18 or if you cannot present proof of identification, you will be refused admission. We would also like to remind you that in the Netherlands, people are required at all times to produce identification upon request. In the event of doubt, if proof of identification cannot be presented, you will risk being refused admission.

A: Professional (digital) photographic equipment is permitted for everyone. Also non-proffesional recording equipment is permitted. Those wishing to bring professional recording equipment will however be required to show press identification/passes.

A: Privatly-owned party websites are not eligible for a press accreditation. Trade press can do a request via The request will be answered as soon as possible. PAY ATTENTION: Requests need to be send two weeks before the event starts.

A: This information is always published on the website the week before the event.

A: As an organisation, we are required to conform to the local policy of the city in which the event is held. This policy is often zero-tolerance. In other words, be careful what you bring with you.

A: The directions/travel to the event are always published on the b2s website. For public transport information, you may consult: or

A: For b2s entrance tickets visit the official ticket shop:

In case there are any questions about b2s’ tickets sales, contact Paylogic via or call Customer Service via +31 20 2400643.

For bus (combination/travel) tickets visit:



Hardstyle Estonia:

Trip & Teuf:

Hardmusic Community:

RND Promotion:

Manami Traveling:
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United Kingdom

In case you organize your own bus trip, register your bus via

Buy second-hand tickets for b2s events safely with Secure Swap via and

A: Our photographers take hundreds of photos, only a small selection of which are posted on the website. It is thus possible that your photo is not one of them.

A: Private/hobby photographers are not eligible for a press pass. Photographers working for party websites or other dance-related companies may submit a request via Your request will be processed as soon as possible. IMPORTANT: Requests must be received no later than 2 calendar weeks prior to the start of the event.

A: People frequently ask us if they can send a demo to b2s. Of course you can! Demos are always listened to. Due to the large number of demos we receive every month, it is however not always possible for us to respond. Please clearly mark your demo with your contact details (name, telephone number, e-mail address). Don’t forget to do your best with the entire presentation of the demo! Demos may be sent to: b2s FAO: demo music style (for example, hardstyle, hardcore, etc.) Postbus 8794 3009 AT Rotterdam The Netherlands.

A: In principle, medication is permitted inside our events. Do make sure that the medication is still in the original, sealed packaging, and complete with information pamphlet. You must also be able to demonstrate why you are taking the medication for example with your doctors statement. Should the security staff have any doubts regarding the use of the medication, they are authorised to confiscate the medication and deposit it in the bins designated for this purpose. Please bear this in mind.

A: At all our events we work with My Locker. The best is to contact them directly and send them the key. You will receive the bail you’ve paid and your belongings which you possibly left inside the locker. You can find their data at their website:

A: Mail on Monday with a description of your stuff and your data. Often the cleaning services find stuff so we might have your belongings. Found identification cards and driving licenses which we can’t deliver to the owner, will be handed over to the police.

A: Spraycans and perfume bottles with presure are forbidden. Deodorant rollers are allowed. Suncream is allowed only if it’s sealed. Bringing your own drinks and food is forbidden. When you’re on a diet or are allergic and you can prove that, it’s allowed to bring your own drinks and food. Flags and soccershirts are only allowed if it concerns a country. Soccer merchandise is forbidden.

A: We always get a lot of questions on this topic. There are several things which are not permitted. These primarily involve political and/or nationalistic messages on clothing and accessories such as: pins and chains with Celtic symbols, boots with white laces, ties and suspenders. There are also items which are not described here and for this reason, we check each visitor individually.

A: We celebrate safe at b2s events. When you have questions about for example alcohol and/or drugs, go to the Celebrate Safe stand (you can check also all the info on their website, in case there is no stand). The Unity staff will give you tips when you’re not feeling very well, but go to first aid with serious complaints. They are there to help you.

Do you think someone has taken an overdose of drugs or alcohol? Make sure you warn somebody from the organization, security or first aid immediately.

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