News / 17-07-2020


In the early beginning of 2019 Hard Bass ceased to exist in its physical form. While one of the biggest harder styles gatherings in the world has left the GelreDome, the perfect opportunity arose to discover new possibilities. So we went on an exploratory mission to find and conquer new dimensions.

We asked ourselves: what happens when we don’t desperately try to digitalize the feeling of standing in the crowd and the energy of being together? Because thats something so unique, so special. There’s no way we can digitalize that.

So, what if instead, we push the boundaries of the digital world and seek beyond what we know? What if we embrace the digital environment? With all its limits on a physical level, we comprehend and adapt to a different kind of experience.

We set out to find something that gives us the same amount of goosebumps in a heartbeat. In search of this elusive dimension, we’ve discovered a world bigger than we ever thought possible. A world with no gravity, no boundaries, no technical restrictions.

With digital craftmanship we aim to create visual experiences that can never be equaled in real life. Not with a DJ in front of a crowd, but an artist in an exceptional creative environment. A dimension that is far beyond our physical reach, where we cannot touch, cannot smell or taste. But we can develop our love for the music like never before, brought together with visual infinity.


As one of the Heroes of Hard Bass B-Front has the honor to perform this exclusive movie theater premiere with a musical masterpiece. He will be present at the premiere and host a live Q&A after.

20:30 HRS

Hard Bass

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