News / 16-01-2019

Calmth at the Royals has returned: ticket sale for Supersized Kingsday has started!

The Hague – Two weeks ago, our newsroom received some disturbing messages from the Royal Palace. At Huis ten Bosch, chaos had occurred after the announcement that Supersized Kingsday Festival will be even bigger and better than ever before. After an impetuous couple of days, in which our reporters kept a close watch on the royal estate, the calmth seems to have returned.

The rumor has it that His Majesty has claimed his tickets for the biggest spectacle taking place on Saturday the 27th of April at the beautiful Aquabest near Eindhoven. The King even has gotten his hands on tickets with a reduced fare: the so-called Supersized Kingsdeal.

Supersized Kingsdeal tickets are available now via the official ticket page. A limited amount of tickets will be available for a reduced rate. On January 23, the regular ticket sale starts. Sign up for the official event and stay updated on the latest news via this page.




Supersized Kingsday

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