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Decibel outdoor 2018 – the festival – latest info

The preparations for Decibel outdoor 2018 have already begun… Just two weeks to go before you arrive at your ultimate festival destination. You can go wild here for twelve hours with more than 200 artists on fourteen different stages. All the harder styles are represented! Not one, but two main stages (meaning two final shows), a new Pussy Parade, Fuelled by Fanatics show by Da Tweekaz and a whole load of other activities will ensure that you will never get bored. Are you ready for a brand new edition of Decibel? Make sure you read the information below before you travel to Beekse Bergen!

Decibel will sell out again this year! The latest tickets for Decibel outdoor – the festival are available through the b2s ticketshop. Watch out for rogue ticket traders. All tickets will be scanned for authenticity and it would be a shame to be disappointed at the entrance.

You can find the full Decibel outdoor 2018 timetable here.

Woov app
This year, Decibelteams up with Woov again. Via this app, you can check out the festival map and stage, make your own time table and can find your friends easily during the festival. So you will never get lost again 😉 Besides, the app has some new features like a group chat that you can create for an event and the app consumes less battery. Keep an eye on our socials to find out when the app is ready to download.

Download Woov via iOs & Android.

Premium Tickets
Those lucky enough to have secured a Saturday Premium ticket for Decibel outdoor have a number of advantages over a normal ticket:
– Separate entrance
– Free locker per two people
– An exclusive Decibel gadget
– Access to the Premium decks at the Decibel main stage & Pussy lounge
– A ride of your choice on one of the attractions

There are two main entrances to the festival site. The North (Noord) entrance is indicated by the colour Red and the South (Zuid) entrance is indicated by the colour Yellow. Be sure to remember where you park your car or where you are dropped off and which entrance you come in through. Make sure that you also leave via this exit to get to the right parking space or pick-up point.

The minimum age is 18 years. In cases of doubt, a visitor may be asked for identification. Always take a valid identity card with you so that you are not at risk of being refused for this reason. A driving licence, passport or Dutch identity card are all valid proof of identity.

An exclusive Decibel outdoor merchandise line has also been designed this year. Come and take a look at one of the five merchandise stands for a nice souvenir from Decibel outdoor! You can find the stand at the main stage. This is in the middle of the site at the Pussy lounge area near The Forest and by the South entrance. There are also lots of other b2s items to buy. You will also be able to find the items online in the b2s merchandise store after the event.

Decibel CDs & autograph session
A Decibel outdoor 3-piece CD has also been put together this year according to tradition. None other than Frequencerz, Luna & Miss K8 have mixed this year’s album. You can pre-order the CD now via this link and of course it will be available at the CD stand in the middle of the festival site. Autograph sessions with the three artists will also take place here:
Luna: 16:00 – 16:15
Frequencerz: 16:30 – 16:45
Miss K8: 17:00 – 17:15

Info stand
There is a b2s info stand in the middle of the festival site where you can go with any questions you might have about the festival and the weekend. You can hand in and pick up lost property and earplugs are also available here.

Mobile charging point
If your phone is out of battery, then you can get a mobile charger from the charging point. This stand is located in the middle of the site at the market. For 1.5 coins plus a deposit you can get a charger to recharge your phone with. You’ll get your deposit back when you return the charger.

You can rent lockers during Decibel outdoor. The rent is €7 payable by cash or card. You can share a locker with two or three friends and you’ll be able to go to your locker during the event.

Bringing your own refreshments
You may not bring your own food and drinks inside. If you follow a special diet or use medication, make sure that this is in sealed packaging and that you have a medical certificate with you. Deodorant rollers and sunscreen may only be taken in when they are in the original packaging. Aerosols and perfume bottles are not allowed inside.

Anyone can bring a camera, SLR camera or video camera inside. Professional video equipment is not allowed without press accreditation.

Coins & cards
Several cash registers are located at the entrance and across the festival site. You can also pay by card at each payment point. Unfortunately, it is not possible to withdraw extra cash. The coins are valid for both the bars and the food courts throughout the whole weekend.

Food areas at the festival site
There are various food courts at the festival site. b2s has ensured that there will be a wide range of food. Think sandwiches, wraps, healthy salads, toasties, döner kebabs, stir fry, spring rolls, various snacks, pancakes, fries, smoothies, fresh fruit, (protein) shakes, pizza, pasta and much more. Besides, there will be a few food trucks with BBQ, burgers, sausage rolls, satay, pasta and mini pancakes. Make sure you eat well throughout the day and that you get enough salt.

Have a go on the Ferris wheel, the flying swing ride or take a bungee jump with your best friend from a height of 60 metres! This way you’ll have a fantastic view of the site and enjoy an unforgettable experience. Slightly less high but no less fun is the Rodeo Unicorn. Whoever stays on this longest can also win a great prize! Beside going crazy at the 14 harder style areas you, you can also capture your memories at the photo bus or relax in the chill-zone.

Free drinking water
You can buy a bottle of water at all the bars. As usual for b2s, there are sufficient tap water points spread across the site where you can top up your bottle or cup for free. Free water is also available at the first aid point.

There are sufficient toilets on-site during Decibel outdoor. There are four large groups of toilets on the site and they are free so make sure you use them. There is also a disabled toilet in each group. This festival is organised in a natural environment so respect this. Action will be taken against public urination.

You will also find fresh-up points at the toilets. Do you want to check your hair or make up during the day? You can also make use of deodorant, hair spray, gel, sun cream, etc.

Meeting points North & South (Noord & Zuid)
There are two meeting points at the festival site: one at the North and the other at the South. This is where you can, for example, arrange to meet your friends if you lose each other.

Drug policy
b2s conforms wth the local policy of the Tilburg police. This is a ‘zero tolerance’ policy. This means that no form of mind-altering drugs (soft and/or hard drugs) is allowed. Cannabis or hashish will therefore not be allowed inside. Frisk searches will be carefully carried out under police supervision.

Celebrate Safe
We celebrate safely during Decibel outdoor – the festival. You can go to the Celebrate Safe stand if you have any questions about alcohol and/or drugs. The employees of Unity are happy to give you tips and explanations if you feel unwell but go straight to the first aid point with serious issues. They are there to help you where necessary. Check the Celebrate Safe website for more information.

Do you have the idea that someone’s not feeling well? Make sure you consult someone from the organisation, security or first aid immediately.

Cars and parking
From the A27 (Breda) drive towards Tilburg and follow the signs for Decibel.

From the A65 (s’Hertogenbosch) take exit 10 Hivarenbeek/Beekse Bergen and follow the signs for Decibel.

From A58 (Limburg and Eindhoven region) take exit 8 Oirschot and then follow the N395 towards Hilvarenbeek. From there take the N269 and follow the signs for Decibel.

The car parks are open from 9.00. Try to avoid peak hours as much as possible. Extensive measures have been taken to make parking as easy as possible. Follow the instructions on the signs and the parking staff carefully. Remember where you parked the car. Leave the car park via the ‘all directions’ signs to ensure that the outflow takes place as quickly as possible.

You can purchase a Saturday parking ticket via the b2s ticketshop. This is cheaper than on the spot.

If you organise your own bus trip to Decibel outdoor you can register your bus here. Three days before the event you will then receive all the information that the driver needs to get to the event and park if necessary. The buses follow the signs for ‘Touringcars’ on arrival. A special parking area has been set up for this purpose. Even if the bus only comes to drop off and pick up passengers, it should follow the signs for ‘Touringcars’. Make sure the bus is back before 22.00 to avoid unnecessary congestion. Buses that have not been registered in advance must pay €35 on the spot.

Event Travel
Event Travel is the official partner of Decibel outdoor and is organising bus trips to Decibel outdoor 2018! Start your Decibel experience in one of the luxury coaches from Event Travel! Coaches will leave for Decibel outdoor from more than 300 (!) places in the Netherlands (including Amsterdam and Amsterdam Schiphol Airport). Is your pick-up place not yet included? Ask for it easily and quickly via the website.

Are you organising your own bus trip?
Are you travelling with a large group of friends and would you like a private (party) bus trip to Decibel outdoor? Sure! Event Travel is happy to help you on your way and you can also benefit greatly in the form of free bus tickets, discounts and cash. Are there too few people in your area for a full bus? No problem, Event Travel will fill the bus.

Do you have any questions? Call: 038-4256730, email or ask your question via the chat at

Kiss & ride
The so-called Kiss & Ride route is especially for people who are picked up and dropped off. This is on the south side (Yellow entrance) of the site. So ensure that you get off here and that you arrange to meet there again after the festival. So take the South/Yellow entrance and exit and follow the designated walking route.

Public transport
Tilburg is very easy to reach by train. NS will be using extra long trains to transport the visitors to Decibel outdoor. Consult NS before leaving for the exact departure and arrival times.

Shuttle bus
The shuttle bus to Beekse Bergen will wait for you at Tilburg Central Station. From 10.00 on Saturday onwards, there will be continuous shuttle buses to and from the festival site. The last shuttle bus runs at 01.00. You can purchase a Saturday bus transfer ticket before the event via the b2s ticketshop. This is cheaper and faster than buying a return ticket at the shuttle bus stop.

Check carefully in advance when your last train leaves and make sure you have enough time to get to the station.

Follow Decibel outdoor 2018 online
During Decibel outdoor lots of photo and video material will be shared on the b2s social media channels. Follow b2s on Facebook, Twitter & Instagram to keep up-to-date with what’s happening during Decibel outdoor. Like the Facebook & Instagram pages for exclusive Decibel outdoor content.

Latest info about the weekend
Click here for important information about the weekend.

Would you like to read all the information about Decibel outdoor 2018 again in your own time? Then check this website!   


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