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Decibel outdoor 2019 – the weekend – latest info

On August 16, 17 and 18, the country’s most beautiful festival terrain is home once again to Decibel outdoor. The festival terrain will be open for no less than 3 days of spectacle and musical adventures! And of course, the Decibel weekend will remain the absolute number 1, with an ongoing musical program, crazy activities and surprise elements. As soon as the festival is over, the party on the campsite never stops with the Hangout Club, Fiësta Bar and different pop-up parties. One thing is for sure, we LIVE LOUD! All important information you need to know in advance can be found below. Here you can check out what you can and can’t bring for the weekend.


Tickets for Decibel outdoor are going fast so make sure you get yours via the B2S ticketshop before it’s too late. Check this website for the last travel packages. Watch out for rogue ticket traders. All tickets will be scanned for authenticity and it would be a shame to be disappointed at the entrance. Don’t forget to personalize your ticket if you haven’t done this already.

You can find the full Decibel outdoor 2019 timetable here.

B2S app
We have created a brand-new B2S app so you can stay updated about all B2S events. Via this app you can check out the festival map and make your own timetable. You can also find practical info and news about the festival. We will release the download links for Android and iOs as soon as they are available, so keep an eye on our socials!

Like last year, there are four different entrances and check-in procedures. Make sure you read the information in the e-mail and confirmation carefully. You will receive this just before the event takes place. You can check out all the basic information you need to know as a Decibel weekender below.

Park entrances
There will be four entrances at the Decibel weekend. For visitors who have booked an accommodation or friends field, there are two entrances:

Park Entrance North and Park Entrance East. You will receive a booking confirmation that contains your route, and at which entrance you should arrive. When you have booked your accommodation at the Safari Resort, you enter at Park Entrance Safari Resort.

Visitors who have booked a weekend ticket incl. campsite should arrive at ‘Camping entrance South’. On Friday, the entrance is opened from 01.00 PM till 11.00 PM. On Saturday, you can check in again from 08.00 AM on.

If you are staying at the Safari Resort, you have a separate approach route to the resort. From there you walk in the direction of Camping Entrance South to visit activities and parties.

Park Entrance North
This entrance is the only entrance that gives cars access to the park. It contains the following accommodations: jungalow types giraffe and zebra, the groupjungalows, the big five safari tents, the log cabins, certain comfort tents and all the visitors that booked a camping spot for their caravan/camper/folder. This entrance will be on their booking confirmation.

Two parking cards are included in your booking and will be scanned at the entrance. If your group comes with an extra car you can purchase an extra parking card via the travel website or on the spot.

Before the car enters the park, it will get a security check. Make sure you read the do’s & don’ts carefully to find out what you can and can’t take to the Decibel weekend. Your booking will also be checked, your Decibel weekend tickets will be scanned and thereafter you will all receive your weekend bracelets. After this, you’re good-to-go and can go to your spot! You can find out at the entrance where you have to pick-up your key (if needed).

Park Entrance East
This entrance is for the following accommodations: jungalow leopard and leopard plus, certain comfort- and comfort plus tents, chalets, mobile homes and remaining safari tents. Furthermore, all the campers that booked a friends field will enter the park here.

You need a parking card ‘Weekend East’ to park your car. You can purchase a parking card on the spot.

After that, you can go in by showing your booking confirmation and Decibel weekend tickets, thereafter you’ll receive your weekend bracelets. There will also be a security check here to keep the safety of you and all the other weekenders. After you’re checked-in, you can pick-up the keys of your accommodation at the info point if needed (your booking confirmation will tell you). All the accommodations and Friends Fields are on a walking distance.

Park Entrance Safari Resort
This entrance is for all the accommodations at Safari Resort. Two parking tickets are included with your booking and will be scanned at the entrance. If your group comes with an extra car, you can purchase an extra ticket parking ticket via the travel website or on site.

A security check will take place before the car enters the park. Therefore, read the do’s & don’ts about what you can and cannot take with you during a Decibel weekend. Furthermore, your papers will be checked and your Decibel weekend tickets will be scanned, after which all occupants get their weekend wristbands. After this you are good-to-go and you can go to your accommodation! You will receive the code for your accommodation via e-mail.

Please note that you are not allowed to park at your accommodation of the resort. Designated parking spaces are within walking distance of your accommodation.

Camping Entrance South
This entrance is for all that bought a weekend ticket incl. campsite and for visitors who rented the Power-up or the Energizer, Festitent or Festipi. Your car can be parked on one of the parking fields on the South side. Keep your parking ticket by hand, that you can buy in advance via the B2S ticketshop. The special Decibel shuttle bus from Tilburg Central Station also stops here.

After that, you have to follow the pedestrian signs to the camping and can walk through the entrance where your belongings will be checked and where you will receive your weekend bracelets. Then, a spot will be assigned to you by the stewards. Make sure you will imitate their leads to make sure everything runs smoothly.

Keep in mind that the walking distance from your car to the entrance is a bit of a walk. The walkways will be hardened, but we recommend you bring a wagon or something for heavy things. All the entrance gates will be one meter wide, so you can enter them easily. Tenants of recharge tents can check in via the info stand.


Park Entrance North
Beekse Bergen 1, Hilvarenbeek

Park Entrance East
Veldbraken 3, Biest-Houtakker

Park Entrance Safari Resort
Tilburgseweg 41, Hilvarenbeek

Camping Entrance South
Kommerstraat 1, Hilvarenbeek


Visitors with a weekend ticket incl. campsite follow the ‘Decibel’ signs from the highway. All other visitors will receive an email in which the address they should navigate to is stated.

Preconceived tents
Did you book a preconceived tent? When you arrive, please go to the info stand on the Central Plaza (24-hour square) to check in with your voucher and booking confirmation. Your tent will be ready for you.

Premium Tickets
The lucky ones who have bought a weekend Premium ticket for Decibel outdoor have a number of advantages compared to a normal entrance ticket:

  • Separate Premium entrance
  • Access to the Premium-decks with their own bar and toilets
  • Free locker per 2 persons
  • Exclusive Decibel gadget
  • Voucher for a ride in one of the attractions
  • Premium Fastlane to the festival terrain

Every car needs its own parking ticket. You can buy one in advance via the B2S ticketshop. You can purchase a parking ticket for your travel package via the travel website or on the spot for €30. With this parking ticket you can park close to your accommodation or nearby the entrance. There is a car free zone on the most crowded area of the terrain.

Bus trips
Don’t want to travel by public transport or haven’t found anyone that wants to drive? Book a bust trip via our bus partner:

Want to go home by taxi? Via Sneleentaxi, you can find a taxi as fast as possible!

Public transport & buses
On Saturday the 17th and Sunday the 18th of August, Beekse Bergen is easy to reach by public transport. Check out the exact bus times on this website: 9292. Take bus line 142 or 143 when you arrive at Tilburg Central Station. Get out at bus stop ‘Speelland Beekse Bergen’ for Park Entrance North and get out at bus stop ‘Kommerstraat’ for Camping Entrance South.

On Friday the 16th of August you can take the shuttle bus.

Want to travel to Decibel outdoor 2019 by bus from another country? Check all our foreign bus partners here.

Shuttle bus
A shuttle bus will be driving between Beekse Bergen and Tilburg Central Station. This service will be running constantly from Friday 12.00 PM until 07.00 PM. You can already buy a bus transfer ticket in the B2S ticketshop in advance. You can do this until the 16th of August, 01.00 PM. This is cheaper and faster than buying a ticket at the shuttle bus stop. Monday morning there will be a bus service returning to Tilburg Central station between 09.00 AM and 01.00 PM.

Did you organize your own bustrip? Make sure you register your bus via this link!

Weekend bracelet
Every Decibel weekender will receive a wristband that gives you access to the whole weekend. You can leave and re-enter the camping whenever you want to. All accommodations are in a reserved part of the park and are only accessible to other Decibel visitors between 08.00 AM and 08.00 PM.

Decibel city guide & info stand
At the entrance you will receive a weekend cityguide with lots of useful information. If you have further questions or problems, you can go to the 24-hour info stand at the Central Plaza all weekend.

Service number
In case you need first aid or security support you can call the telephone number (+31)088-9000380. You can also call this number for important questions or complaints. Put this number in your telephone, so you don’t have to look it up when you need it.

Tokens & pin
You can pay for almost everything with tokens at Decibel outdoor. Tokens will be available from Friday afternoon and are valid during the whole weekend. You can pay them with cash as well as PIN or credit card, but there is no possibility to take out extra cash.

Park facilities and activities
We have done everything we can to make you Decibel outdoor experience even better, so expect a lot of extras. On the camping, there are a lot of facilities and activities, and lots of them are opened 24 hours a day; like the Fiësta Bar, cinema and game hall.

Besides, the Central Plaza contains an extensive food court, Camping Store, lockers, info desk and mobile charging point.

As you know, the festival terrain will be open on all three days this year. But as soon as the festival is over, the party on the camping continues. Stamp out your last bits of energy in the Hangout Club or party for 24 hours non-stop in the Fiesta Bar. Next to these afterparties, there will also be a lot of secret pop-up parties before the festival starts. So, keep an eye out when you are walking around the camping grounds, you might stumble upon a wild party!

When you book a Friends Field, you will have your own electricity point (10 ampère, 2300 W). Pay attention: you need a CEE-plug for this. All remaining campers won’t have their own electricity because the network is not sufficient for thousands of people. But no worries, there are mobile chargers available at the Central Plaza to charge your phone and you can use your straightener, blow drier or electric shaver at one of the public bathrooms.

Phone chargers
Phone empty? Oh shit, how do you find your friends back or make pictures? Don’t panic! There will be a stand where you can rent a charger for your phone. It’s open 24 hours a day. You can pay with tokens here and you have to pay a small deposit which you will get back after you hand-in the charger.

There will be the possibility to rent a locker during the Decibel weekend. You can rent different sizes:

Medium: 25cm height, 30 cm wide and 50 cm depth

Large: 35 cm height, 30 cm wide and 50 cm depth

XXL: 35 cm height, 60 cm wide and 50 cm depth (what fits in here: a tent, sleeping bag, backpack, trolly’s and a lot more).

Lost and found
When you find belongings at the park that are not yours, you can hand them in at the info stand. This also works the other way around; in case you lose something you can inform here if they found it. TIP: Write your name on all your belongings. This will make it easier to trace items if they are lost.

Zero tolerance
B2S adheres to the local police force’s drugs policy. This is a zero-tolerance policy. This means that no form of soft and/or hard drugs is permitted, i.e. weed and hash are also prohibited. Police will be monitoring the situation closely. When you bring banned substances, you might be denied, and you will risk a fine or community service.

Celebrate Safe
We Celebrate Safe during the Decibel weekend. If you have questions about alcohol and/or drugs, you can contact EMS. The employees will be there to give you tips and explanations if you don’t feel well. However, go straight to the first aid with serious complaints. They are there to help you when necessary. Check the Celebrate Safe website for more information.

Do you have the idea that someone’s not feeling well? Make sure you consult someone from the organization, security or first aid immediately.

Oak processionary caterpillar
There have been sightings of oak processionary caterpillar on the grounds of Decibel outdoor. We are fighting the nests wherever this is possible to reduce nuisance but please be aware you can still experience some trouble from the caterpillars. Make sure you bring medication with you if you are allergic.

Do’s & Don’ts
With thousands of fellow Decibel goers staying for a whole weekend at a park is of course, very nice. Unfortunately, there are also things that we prefer to have you leave at home to make the check-in much faster for everyone. Items not allowed include glass bottles and crates of beer, large speakers or music systems, long extension cables and reels, reusable BBQs, aggregates and generators, alcoholic drinks above 15%, sharp knives and tools. There are also a few rules that we ask you to heed, so that everyone has an epic weekend and can enjoy Decibel to the max! Not only for now, but also for the years ahead. Check here what you can and cannot take to the campsite.

The Decibel weekend lasts until Monday morning 12.00 PM, the 19th of August. All the accommodations have to be checked out at 10.00 AM, all the group camping spots at 11.00 AM. Make sure you leave the park in time and take all your belongings.

Latest info about the festival
Click here for the latest important information about the festival.

Questions about the Decibel weekend
For questions about your booking of a fixed accommodation or group camping spot, contact Libéma via Don’t forget to have your reservation number by hand. If you have booked a hotel, please mention this in the subject of your e-mail. For other questions about Decibel outdoor you can mail to the organizer B2S via

Would you like to read all the information about Decibel outdoor 2019 again at your leisure? Then check this site!


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