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Decibel outdoor 2020: important ticket information

21-22-23 August 2020. The Loudest City on Earth. This can only mean one thing. It’s time to prepare yourself for a new edition of Decibel outdoor! And because all tickets will be available earlier than ever this year, we will update you about all the ins and outs. Ready to LIVE as LOUD as you can? Check out which ticket types will be available, the ticket sale dates and until when you can pre-register yourself for the member sale, below.

The pre-registration has already started, and you can still register yourself until the 11th of November. Pre-registration gives you a few benefits. During the member sale, you can buy your tickets before the regular sale starts, so you can choose from all the accommodations first. And on top the ticket WEEKEND WITH CAMPSITE (premium optional) will be available with an early bird discount of €10! To conclude, you will receive all new content and updates about Decibel outdoor 2020 first. Register yourself now via

There is a ticket for everybody to LIVE LOUD! You can experience the most complete festival day with a SATURDAY ticket. Want to experience an extra festival day, choose a TWO DAY ticket, that gives you access on Saturday and Sunday. We’ve added the new SUNDAY ticket by public demand, that only gives you access to the festival on Sunday. Premium is available as an optional option for all tickets. Are you going for the full Decibel outdoor experience? With a WEEKEND TICKET WITH CAMPSITE you can stay on the Decibel outdoor campsite in your own tent for three nights. All these tickets will be available via the B2S ticketshop.

Travel packages
Don’t want to drag around camping stuff and would like to have a bit more luxury? We have a few travel packages available for you including accommodations, like hotels, luxury bungalows and lodges, pre set-up tents, log cabins and more. You can check and book all these options via the Decibel outdoor travel website.

You can check out all the available tickets and more information here.

Ravers Paradise and Ravers Resort
The weekend terrain of Decibel outdoor is divided into two areas: Ravers Paradise and Ravers Resort. You can encounter the full Decibel outdoor experience at Ravers Paradise, this is the area where you can enjoy a full program with both music and activities all weekend. This is the place to be where you can set up camp in small or larger groups. Chalets, jungalows, log cabins and pre set-up tents are also located on this lively part.

Ravers Resort is the area of the Decibel weekend terrain where you can experience more luxury, space and where you will be surrounded by nature and wildlife. The perfect base for a comfortable weekend! You can rent several luxury lodges and safari tents here.

Ticket sale dates
Member sale: the member sale is for pre-registrants and travel members, and will take place from the 13th until the 25th of November. Registrants will receive an email with all info about this ticket sale.

General sale: the general sale is for all ticket types and starts on the 27th of November at 20.00 PM. This sale is accessible to everyone, so you don’t have to register yourself. Keep in mind that some options may not be available anymore during this sale.

LIVE LOUD! short series
We all know that feeling of living life to the max. In The Loudest City, we have one shared motto: to LIVE LOUD. We have captured this lifestyle in a short serie with 10 episodes, each representing a different theme of the Decibel outdoor experience, which you can check out here. Whether you want to relive 2019 or want to live up to 2020. Enjoy and play it LOUD!


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