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A ‘Flipside’ talk with Paul Elstak, Ransom and Boogshe!

Friday the 30th of November, ‘Flipside’ by Paul Elstak, Ransom and Boogshe was released. This is Freestyle how it should be. We had a chat with Ransom, Boogshe and The Godfather himself about this epic track and Freestyle spectacle Pussy lounge.


What a track and an amazing musical trio! Who started the collab?

Ransom: We initiated the cooperation. We already had the first melody and drop and were wondering if Paul would like to finalize the track with us.

Paul: Remko (Ransom) did offer to make the track together. When the track was finalized, we were still looking for cool vocals.

Boogshe: Paul and Ransom already had the track and were looking for vocals. For the last year, I have been performing with Paul and he knew that I also write vocals besides being an MC. He asked me to write the topline and that’s how ‘Flipside’ came along.

Three different acts equals a lot of different opinions. How easy (or difficult) was this collab?

Ransom: A collab is always a challenge. We had to make some arrangements to combine our schedules, but that is the fun part. The first version of the track was 155 beats per minute. Paul came with the idea to change it into 165 BPM, which is more similar to the Happy Hardcore tempo. It really made the track a lot better and it got a really nice vibe.

Paul: That’s right. The collab came together pretty fast. Remko already had a first version and I tweaked it. A bit. The vocals of Boogshe sounded great right away. It didn’t take very long until we completed the track.

Boogshe: For me it was pretty easy. I could let my creativity go when writing the vocals. Paul and Ransom liked the first demo already and then it was just a matter of recording it with the right tone and feel.

Besides the fact that it is a great record, your distinctive sounds came together really well. How do you see this?

Ransom: We did our very best to process everyone’s sound in the track. The uplifting vibe fits all of our sounds. The tempo and fat kicks belong to Paul Elstak. The melodies and ‘Fistpumpin’’-sound are unique for Ransom. And the frosting on the cake are the catchy and recognizable vocals of Boogshe.

Paul: I think it’s a good mix when it comes to the sounds. Nice Freestyle with an Early twist.

Boogshe: That’s true! It has all ingredients: the best of both worlds!

According to us, ‘Flipside’ Is the perfect Pussy lounge track. How would you explain the Pussy lounge-sound?

Ransom: I think the Pussy lounge-sound is a mix of all harder styles: from 80 to 180 beats per minute tracks. As long as there’s a nice kick and people go crazy. Good vibes only!

Paul: Listen to ‘Flipside’! It really has that distinctive Pussy lounge-sound, I think!

Boogshe: It’s not something you can categorize, but it is always happy and energetic!

Paul, you are the Founder of Freestyle and are part of the Pussy lounge Wintercircus on March 16th, together with Darkraver. What do you think of the Freestyle scene today?

Paul: I think the scene needs some more hits! There are too many bootlegs and mash-ups. These do work, but for a healthy scene you need productions of your own. With ‘LOUDER’ with LNY TNZ, ‘Kind van de Duivel’, ‘Groeien’ and ‘Engeltje’ I did my part with that. Furthermore, Outsiders, Dr Phunk and Jebroer are delivering a lot of input to our scene. Crude Intentions also released an album recently. These are all positive movements if you ask me.

Ransom and Boogshe, you might not be able to compare it to Paul Elstak, but you also have been part of the Freestyle scene for a while now. How did you get into this world?

Ransom: We have been working on our act for a while but became more and more part of it over the years. When we released our first tracks, we got a lot of support by Ruthless, Dakraver and eventually Paul Elstak. When Ransom made its debut at Pussy lounge Wintercircus in 2015, everything went really fast. In 2016, we released ‘Fistpumpin’’ and the rest is history!

Boogshe: I have been an MC in the dance scene for 14 years now. The mass will know me because of my carreer in House music. A lot of people don’t know that I got in contact with the hard dance scene in 2011. I was hooked right away!

After doing the vocals for a track by a big hard dance-act in 2014, I was asked to write a track for Deepack: ‘Fakerz’. This track did really well, and I received a lot of collab requests within the harder styles since then. In 2015, I started GLDY LX: a hard dance/trap-act. From that moment on, it went sky-high.

‘Flipside’ is available on all portals now! Warm up for the cold winter days and check it out here. On March 16th, Aquabest in Eindhoven will be transformed into Pussy lounge Wintercircus in Wonderland. Besides Paul Elstak, Darkraver, Frequencerz, Korsakoff, Mark with a K and many others will be there. Check all information via this website!

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