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Knock Out!: The Ultimate Battle Night at Ahoy, the Coliseum of Rotterdam

For one night, Rotterdam will change into Rome and Sports Palace Ahoy will be turned into the Coliseum. DJ’s will be gladiators, who will compete against each other in the arena. For the third year in a row, the Hardstyle heroes from today will fight for Knock Out! – The Ultimate Battle Night.

Just like previous years, it will be hard against hard on the 21st of March 2015 at the battle arena in Rotterdam. There is no time for friendliness in the DJ booth. Only one thing counts: winning. No one will be spared. Expect sharp-edged edits, legendary remixes and courageous victories in a decor of fire, smoke, lasers and lights.

The gladiators who will compete with each other during this night are carefully selected. Their hard training has started, but who will compete against each other?

Get in the Knock Out! mood with the trailer

Frontliner vs Max Enforcer
Time to rock in this battle. The Melodyman competes against the all-round Max Enforcer. This battle can go any way, from melodious to hard. That promises a lot…

Radical Redemption vs B-Front
Don’t fuck with the radical. But don’t say this to B-Front, because he’s happy enough to fight. It’s W.A.R, and will Ahoy out this alive is the question, because these titans will take everything and everyone on their way to victory.

Coone vs Psyko Punkz
Two master acts when it’s about lyrics in their tracks. Put them against each other and the edits will fly to your ears. And if it’s euphoric or slightly harder, both acts won’t run their hand in favor.

Ran-D vs Hard Driver
Who is het hunter and who is the prey? You will give the lead to Hard Driver as The Hunter, but don’t eliminate Ran-D. He possesses the right antidote, so this is going to be an interesting duel.

Frequencerz vs Digital Punk
They still don’t give a fuck. Collab or not, these men won’t really care about how the other is doing at the battleground. The knifes are out, who will hand out KO?

E-Force vs Chain Reaction
Close your eyes and count like a boss? It’s Mr. Seven vs Mr. The Record Breaking. This battle needs no more explanation. This will be hard against hard, to the last gasp.

Atmozfears vs Adrenalize
Friends outside the ring, but there won’t be any handshaking in the arena. Holland against Denmark will be the battle between the melodies.

Warface vs Deetox
This battle will end with a deafening bang. Warface and Deetox will bomb each other with kicks that will hit you hard. Who will be the last one standing when the smoke has cleared will be uncertain until the last moment.

Warming up by Sound Rush

Villain will be the Master of Ceremony during this night. He will lead everything into the right direction. 

The presale starts on Saturday the 10th of January, 01.00 PM (CET), at the b2s ticketshop. Check out this webiste for more information about Knock Out! The Ultimate Battle Night.


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