News / 08-01-2020

The Royal House insists on clapping for Supersized Kingsday Festival

The Hague – It’s rumbling at the Royal House. Sources confirm that they can’t hold the amount of confetti any longer. “They told us that we should not come an audience because of explosion hazard”, thus the Ministry. The palace insists ob clapping, so we won’t wait any longer to announce the big news. Supersized Kingsday Festival will be back on the 27th of April at Aquabest, Eindhoven! The Royal Family has got all the attributes ready in time to turn this into one massive Dutch party.

The Royal couple has revealed grand plans, they will officially rename the location to Kingdom of the Harder styles together with organization B2S. “Every valuable genre of this beautiful musical culture deserves a worthy representation during the grand festivities in The Netherlands”, thus the Royal couple. His Majesty Koning Willem-Alexander has indicated that he would like to share his throne with a few dignitaries on this day. Who these will be, will remain state secret. The organization is already working hard behind the scenes to surpass the wishes of the lovely Royal couple and the beloved people again. Her Majesty queen Máxima adds: “this year we will really go maximum!”.

More information do the Royal couple and organization B2S not want to announce yet, but with the exception of the date that the people can ensure themselves of entrance to this joyful festival. On Wednesday the 15th of January at 20.00hrs the real Dutchies will receive the traditional discount. His Majesty: “Of course we will honor the norms and values of our people, so make sure you will get your hands on a Kingsdeal ticket”.

Supersized Kingsday

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