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The love for B2S in ink

Energy. Thousands of people dancing their feet off in front of a massive stage. Driving to a party and warm you up with a great liveset. Blowing off some steam with the fattest beats blasting through the speakers after a long week at work. The harder styles give us the shot of adrenaline that charges our battery to the fullest. It so much more than music alone. Getting some fresh ink is also something that can cause a peak in your energy level. Especially, if the tattoo has a special meaning. Some of our most dedicated fans eternalized their love for the scene and branded their bodies with the B2S logo. This is the story of Linda and Manon who created a new highlight to their harder styles career.

When her friends took her to her first harder styles event Reverze in 2015, Manon was hooked. You have to be in it to understand is most certainly true when it comes to her first encounter with this music. In the years that followed, the harder styles became a more and more important part of her life. The vibe, the energy, the adrenaline. She prefers the heavy stuff. “My favorite genre is Raw. Because of the energy it gives you to keep on raving throughout the day.” Outsiders might not understand, but according to Manon does Raw not only boost your adrenaline level, “The atmosphere at Raw events is the best!” The energy this music provides has proven to be handy in day-to-day life. “I listen to the music when I am cleaning the house for example. Chores are finished in seconds!” However, the true kick happens when you hear a great track at a massive event. “The feeling you get when you hear thousands of people sing along to the same song is absolutely fantastic!”

Manon in particular felt some nerves prior to getting the tattoo. This is because it’s her first tattoo ever. But why choose the B2S logo for your first ink? Besides the magical moments at a party or the much-needed energy boost at home, another deep connection to the music came into existence. Manon is part of the B2S panel and this means a lot to her, “I am extremely happy that I am part of the B2S panel and can share my ideas on things B2S is working on. I feel very special!” Next to the connection with the B2S brand, the bond she has with other panel members is another big reason behind her B2S tattoo. “I have built a family-like bond with some of the members of the panel. That I can eternalize this with a B2S tattoo is very special and something I am very grateful for.”

Linda also got some B2S themed ink on her body. It was a poster she saw daily when cycling by that drew her attention. A quick YouTube-search of the artists that were mentioned on that poster changed her life. “It was love at first sight!” Luckily, the mates of her boyfriend at the time liked Hardstyle as well and invited her to visit Q-Base with them. “My mother wasn’t very happy with me joining a group of nine ‘strange’ men, but I had the time of my life!” The connection music and people can have is something Linda has experienced for herself as well, “Hardstyle really brought us together and the group became a second family.” Linda’s musical preference is varied but needs to have a soul. “I love music with melodies and emotion. This varies from Euphoric (Early) Hardstyle to Hardcore. Every genre has its charm.” These emotions trigger adrenaline and boost energy in the case of Linda, “When I hear the harder styles, I feel like I can conquer the world!” According to her, the music can give you that little extra boost, “When I am working out I can take it to the next level even more then when I am listening to music with less bpm or no music at all.”

Getting the tattoo was a bit tiring for Linda, but it does have a completely different meaning for her, “The fact that I eternalized the B2S logo on my body gives an adrenaline boost!” The reason behind the tattoo? In a way, B2S really took Linda by surprise in a positive manner. “A little over a year ago, I joined the B2S panel. I really got to experience the brand in a new way, got to do a lot of awesome things and met a ton of great people.” Just like Manon, Linda also values the bond she created with the other panel members. That ‘other side of B2S’ she talked about has to do with her help backstage, “One of the moments that has given me a lot of positive energy has to be Decibel outdoor 2018. During this edition, I got to work and party. It was amazing to see the difference. First, you see all the gators, trucks and forklift vehicles driving around the festival terrain and the next moment you’re enjoying the festival with the rest of the crowd. From scanning tickets to preparing inflatables and throwing them in the crowd and answering questions at the information desk. It truly has given another dimension to the events. I get as much energy from it when I am working as when I am partying.”

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