News / 03-01-2017

Awesome sportive and festive activities during Freestyle Wintergames

1. The first Freestyle Wintergames
Sports, games and a whole lot of fun under the winter sun. The Freestyle Wintergames offer a perfect combination between some heavy stumping and enjoying the best Freestyle beats.
2. The fittest of Freestyle
Team Pussy lounge has been training like crazy to make sure they’re at their absolute best during this edition of the Freestyle Wintergames. Our ladies are practicing some new dance moves and our musical athletes lock themselves in the studio for days to secure the very best results. Make sure your feet are ready for some extreme partying!
3. Treat yourself Pussy lounge-style
Not so much into sports and rather enjoy a more relaxed day? The Pussy lounge winter wonderland offers so much more. Heat up in the sauna or hot tub or enjoy a nice hot chocolate while staring into the campfire. Don’t want to miss a moment of each set, but don’t want to get cold? No problem! Our massive party tent will be heated up!
4. All winter wonders
Many dislike winter because of the slippery roads, ice-cold wind and dark days. However, there are so many nice things about these freezing months! Drinking Glühwein by the fire, eating hot waffles until you explode, and slide down snowy slopes. We gather all things fun in winter at Aquabest.
5. Let’s go, Après-ski!
Who doesn’t like to go a little crazy in the après-ski cafe after a nice day of winter sports? For the ultimate party experience, the party cafe will be present again at Pussy lounge’s Freestyle Wintergames. Show your friends that, no matter how small the tent, you can party like crazy!
6. Enjoy the show
There are no Wintergames without epic show elements. Like always, our beautiful ladies will be joining the DJ’s on stage during this edition of Pussy lounge. Wearing the likeable wintery outfits, they will sure crank up the heat. Expect to be blown away by epic light- and lasershows and so much more. If we say party, we really mean party!
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