News / 14-02-2019

The Hard Bass of B2S’ marketeer Elizabeth

Suddenly, we heard the news: the very last edition of Hard Bass! I’ve been part of the B2S marketing team from 2017 on and I can remember my first Hard Bass as a visitor like it was yesterday. However, also in my years of working at Hard Bass I still experienced those goosebumps moments true Hardstyle lovers know so well. You can imagine it was quite a shock to me.

Anyway, I understand the choice well. We’ve shown the world what Hard Bass is all about and sometimes you have to decide to honor the concept and stop at the top. ‘Kill your darlings’ is a famous phrase in the creative industry. Unplugging the concept while it’s still going strong. Even if that choice doesn’t seem to be the most fun one.

After everyone had gotten used to the idea, we shared the trailer and official artwork. We started the eternalization of our legacy which was the leading story of our campaign. The creative team came up with an amazing idea: a capsule storing all memories ten years of Hard Bass in GelreDome had created. The marketing team was supposed to tell this story and gather all these memories. We did this by starting a conversation with our fans and artists, dove into our archives to find the perfect pictures and video’s, listened to older anthems and checked out artwork of the previous editions. What a history! We had more than enough content to share onto our own social media pages. However, we still wanted to talk to all the artists that have been part of the event in the last year. Sharing anecdotes, reliving memories… it became harder and harder to say goodbye for real.

In January, Hard Bass sold out completely. Time for champagne! However, there were still so many great memories to share with all of you. During the campaign, we shared 99% of our legacy. From the first GelreDome edition in 2009 until the edition in 2018. Our social media pages were filled with stage designs, anthems, memories of the artists and more. That remaining percent was still missing, though: the Last Formation. On the 2nd of February, it all came together. The last piece of the puzzle completed the legacy. As the marketing team we did everything to share these pieces with you. Why wouldn’t we share that last piece as well? That’s the moment when we decided to make the livestream happen. All Hard Bass fans from all over the world could be part of this last edition.

Days before the event, when the campaign is coming to an end, we still have a lot of work to do as a marketing team. We’ve to make sure our photographers receive a proper briefing, make arrangements with the company taking care of the livestream, talk to press and arrange win challenges and interviews during the show. Our work as marketeers doesn’t end when the event starts. We receive a lot of questions in our Facebook-inbox that we have to answer, for example. During the event, our fans also may have some questions such as if you can scan a ticket from off your mobile device. We welcome press, make sure our media crew shoots the proper moments and keep our fans updated with cool content. This year, we also added the livestream to our to-do list.

So, there is a lot of work left during the event. Luckily, we do have some time to watch the show. Those moments make you realize how awesome this job is. Seeing thousands of people go crazy to the phatest beats in a huge arena like GelreDome and knowing you made that happen gives you an amazing sense of pride. When a big round of applause followed after the endshow my heart skipped a beat.

Like many Hardstyle lovers, we will also miss Hard Bass very much. As a marketeer I feel honored to work with concepts like this. We are still enjoying the photos and videos being sent to us. Our goal is to get these published as soon as possible for the rest of you to enjoy The Last Formation one last time.

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