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The love for B2S in ink

Energy. Thousands of people dancing their feet off in front of a massive stage. Driving to a party and warm you up with a great liveset. Blowing off some steam with the fattest beats blasting through the speakers after a long week at work. The harder styles give us the shot of adrenaline that charges our battery to the fullest. It so much more than music alone. Getting some fresh ink is also something that can cause a peak in your energy level. Especially, if the tattoo has a special meaning. Some of our most dedicated fans eternalized their love for the scene and branded their bodies with the B2S logo. This is the story of Roland and Daniëlle who created a new highlight to their harder styles career.

As a young boy Roland already listened to music that was ‘just a bit different’. He was there when the harder sounds gained popularity at the end of the nineties. His current love for the harder styles is not limited to one sub-genre: “If I really need to name a few: Hardstyle, Rawstyle & Hardcore. The first is more melodic and predictable, the second is rough and raw and the third one is uplifting, dark and packed with energy”. The reason why Roland enjoys this energy so much might have something to do with the number of birthdays he has had. Age is just a number, but he raises the average age of this industry quite a lot. “With my 63 years, it gives me the massive energy-boost I need to complete a full night of multiple day-festival with ease!”

The reason behind the B2S-tattoo? Besides being an expert in the field of event visits, Roland is also a member of the B2S panel. “B2S truly listens to our signals. Signals that are taken serious and being acted upon most of the time”. Obviously, Roland cherishes a personal love for the scene and its events next to the panel. There is no lack of beautiful memories, but in the ends it’s all about one thing: “Going crazy with my mates at the festival grounds, seeing each other enjoy themselves, creating the best stories. That’s what it’s all about”. More than one reason for Roland to anchor the B2S logo on his arm. The Braille-text underneath the logo represents the special bond he has with fellow members of the panel. Its meaning? That is something he likes to share himself at one of the events he’ll be visiting in the near future.

Daniëlle is also an active member within the B2S panel. She is quite a bit younger than Roland, but her love for the music is no less. Next to her passion for sports there is plenty of room left for her musical dedication. “My love for the harder styles started when I was fourteen years old. A friend of mine listened to it a lot and my brother was also part of the scene. That’s how I got introduced”. Her preference lies with Euphoric Hardstyle. Especially because of the ability to sing along, “However, at a festival it doesn’t really matter. I can be found at every stage!”

She is also familiar with the adrenaline the harder styles can trigger.  That doesn’t stay limited to the festivals alone: “When I am in my car or at home listening to Hardstyle, I get a lot of energy”. The sports lover has the explanation behind these sudden explosions of adrenaline: “There is a special memory behind almost every track. When I think back at those memories, the adrenaline just flows through my veins!”

Visiting the tattoo shop definitely triggers some healthy tension. Daniëlle’s ankle is the canvas for her very first tattoo. Luckily for her, this tough activity has a very positive outcome. “Whenever I catch myself staring to the tattoo, I notice I am thinking back of all the great things that happened to me in this scene”. That’s also her motivation. She calls her love for the scene something that “originated early on and will never go away”. Daniëlles tattoo doesn’t include a visual reference to the close group of friends within the panel. Nevertheless, the underlying thought explains that she experiences this just like Roland does. “Thanks to B2S a real close group of friends was created. I have been part of this group for about two years and I see it as family. We share the good and the bad times. And a tattoo as well!”

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