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These are the six districts of Decibel outdoor 2018

In just a few weeks, it’s time for Decibel outdoor 2018! The festival consists of six district with each their own theme and story. At district The Mainstage you’ll find a dynamic, industrial organism that provides an endless stream of energy to the other districts: The Powerstation. Let the energy streams take you along the districts The Lake, The Beach, The Road, The Forest and The Weekend with this video.

The Mainstage
In this district you find a dynamic organism that provides an unthinkable amount of energy to you and the other, thousands of ravers. The very best of the harder styles comes together at the Powerstation and it’s also the place where you close down the day with the massive endshow. The power of the music, the beats per minute and the energy that the visitors create is crucial for the operation of the Powerstation. The Decibel Powerstation is Fuelled by Fanatics!

The Forest
In the darkest outskirts of district The Forest, the aftermath of an abandoned nuclear power plant is sensible. Dark figures crawl out of old coal mines, decayed churches, ghastly laboratories and rusted caravans. Only the fearless Hardcore heads dare to enter the Forest. From Mainstream Hardcore to Uptempo, from Industrial to Terror. The real diehards feel at home here, but there is always a path leading you out of the forest…

The Road
This district is the artery connecting all other districts. A vast highway that brings you from North to South. Turn off your engine at the ultimate pitstops like the Garage, refill at the Truck Stop, Tires & Tracks and the Motel-Inn. With the best Hardstyle Classics, Millennium Hardcore, Early Rave and Oldschool beats, you gas up good to pursue your trip. Of hang around near the side of the road. It’s up to you.

The Lake
When there’s water, there’s energy. Find this in district The Lake. With the power of everything called Hardstyle, water, wind, enchanting melodies and heavy kick drums, the Powerstation receives its energy. At The Lake you find the most innovative techniques used to generate power such as the modern Hydro Station and Floating Wind Farm. However, also less conservative techniques are used on the edges of the ominous swamps. Do you dare to enter?

The Beach
At the end of the road along the swamps and far away from the Powerstation, you find the Upper South side of Destination Decibel. The Beach is the district full of beautiful women, an overdose of Freestyle and a huge amount of extravagance. The excessive Pussy lounge Mansion is for most a house you can only dream about. A day full of luxury is ended by an impressive firework show. However, not only the rich and wealthy enjoy a delicious day at The Beach. At the Colorful Cottages, the funky Freestyle beats are included as well.

The Weekend
For those that want more, there is district The Weekend. Three days of ultimate joy in the jungle-like surroundings of Decibel. Grab your backpack and get yourself a perfect camping spot. Explore the area and activities, parties, make new friends and try it all. Go crazy! Let go of all your worries and enjoy the three parties additional to the festival itself: the Friday kick-off-, Saturday night- and Sunday closing party. The ultimate weekend with friends providing you all the energy you need.


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