Welcome to our world

The world of B2S

We represent the rough diamonds, the people who live an intense life.
Who work hard, play harder
and enjoy the hardest styles of dance music:
Hardstyle & Hardcore. Always the best phat beats!

We believe that the richness of life is measured by how much we enjoy ourselves,
not by how much we have.
That an enriched life is a collection of memorable moments.
Contributing to such a life by creating these moments, with our unrivaled festivals and events, is what drives us.

We bring the biggest crowds together to release, celebrate and unify.
To share unique experiences at our events,
where we excite all their senses
and encourage them to feel free
express themselves,
make new friends and enjoy their moment to the fullest.

Yes, we are different. Extraordinary.
We stand out from the crowd.
We’re from the street.
We don’t fit in. And never will.
We are outspoken. Rough. Raw. Rebellious.
No bullshit. No compromise.
We rave. We rage. We roar.
More BPM. More loudness. More Decibels.
We make noise. Raise our voice.
With our fists in the air.

We challenge the status quo.
Shaking things to its foundations.
Always pushing the limits.
Bigger. Better. Louder!
Breaking the rules.
Losing inhibitions.

We don’t wait for the moment, we have the guts to seize it and make it memorable…


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