Sat. 14 Mar 2020 . 12:00 - 23:00   Aquabest, Best . 18+ (ID IS VERPLICHT)
# Pussylounge

General info

Date: 14-03-2020
Time: 12.00 – 23.00
Location: Aquabest, Best
Policy: age 18+ (ID card obligated)
Keyword: #Pussylounge

The minimum age for admission is 18. In the event of any doubt, guests may be asked to produce identification proving their age. Please bring valid proof of identification with you so that you do not risk being refused entry. Valid proof of identification includes a driving licence, valid passport or identity card.

Cameras, SLRs and video cameras may be taken into the event. Take as many great photos and videos as you can and make sure to share them on social media! Professional recording equipment is not permitted without a media pass.

Lockers will be available for rent at the location. Rental costs ?7, which you can pay with cash or PIN. A locker can be shared with two or three friends and you will be able to access your locker throughout the event.

Tokens & PIN payments
Cash or PIN payments are possible at the token purchase. It is not possible to take out extra cash.

Drugs policy
The organization adheres to the local police force’s drugs policy. This is a zero-tolerance policy. This means that no form of soft and/or hard drug is permitted, i.e. weed and hash are also prohibited. Police will be monitoring the situation closely.

Celebrate safe
We celebrate safe at Pussy lounge. When you have questions about for example alcohol and/or drugs, go to the Celebrate Safe stand. The Unity staff will give you tips when you?re not feeling very well, but go to first aid with serious complaints. They are there to help you.

Do you think someone’s not feeling well? Make sure you warn somebody from the organization, security or first aid immediately.

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Paul Elstak



Friends of Pussy lounge: Mental Theo, The Viper & Bass-D



Psyko Punkz



Pussy lounge Kickstart: Pat B, Genius & Plug 'N Play

Hosted by Alee


Pat B

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Travel info

Car & parking
Festival terrain Aquabest is located close to the highways A2, A50 and E25. Set your navigation with the address Ekkersweijer 1 in Best. There are yellow signs at the highway that tell you how to drive to the festival terrain. You can park your car around the festival terrain. You will be guided by the parking stewards. Pay attention: parking costs 12 euros and can only be paid in cash.

Are you disabled or do you have a difficulty with walking and are you coming by car? Make sure you inform the traffic warden before you enter the regular parking area.

Public transport
There will be shuttle busses driving from Station Best to the festival terrain. You can buy a return ticket at the bus for ?5 euros. Plan your route in advance and keep track on www.ns.nl for important information and exact traveling times.

Bus tours
Don’t want to travel by public transport or no driver in your group of friends? Book a bus trip via one of our bus partners www.partybussen.nl.

Kiss & ride
Especially for the people who are brought in and picked up at Pussy lounge at the Park, there is the Kiss & Ride area. Make sure you’re dropped off at this point and meet each other here again after the event.

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