News / 27-07-2020

STAY LOUD – 22.08.2020

The Decibel outdoor 2021 kick-off

When our basic needs of LIVING LOUD have been taken away, the only way to keep our head up is to STAY LOUD in any way we can! We all know that is hard right now, because nothing can compare to that feeling of standing in the crowd…

So, we choose to look forward to better days: the moment we can enter the Loudest City once again. With our 7-hour STAY LOUD broadcast, we proudly present you everything that’s coming your way in 2021. In high anticipation we will reveal the line-up and kick off the 2021 ticket sales, alongside a special musical program representing the pillars of Decibel outdoor. On top we release our brand-new merchandise collection with a high energy fashion show. The best thing about it: you have the opportunity to join us during the recordings! Keep an eye on our socials to gain exclusive access.


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