News / 26-02-2020

The full Decibel outdoor weekend experience

Our city is home for the hard.
A true sanctuary of sound,
Where living loud has become a way of life.
Let me take you on a journey…

From the moment we enter, we dive into a thrilling weekend experience. Three festival days lie ahead, where the music is just a little louder and high BPM’s set the tone.

Ravers Paradise gives you the full experience with all the fun and music, taking festival camping to a whole new level. Ravers Resort offers more luxury accommodations, nature and wildlife. The place to live loud in a comfortable way. The choice is yours!

On Friday, the loudest way to start your 72-hour Decibel experience is to join in on all the fun at Ravers Paradise, which is accessible for all our weekend travelleres.

After that, we kick off the festival with 4 stages at the holy grounds! Be sure to experience this first day to the fullest.

Saturday is the loudest day of the festival, where you can satisfy your craving, create your own experience and celebrate nonstop! This day is packed with loud adventures and activities. Get lost in the streets of our city and discover each of the 12 stages!

Craving louder a little longer? Make your Sunday count with a full day of new adventures and musical experiences. We mix up the 8 stages to give you the best view of our city.

We lived loud, from beginning until the very end.

This is Decibel outdoor. Check out the full weekend experience floorplan video here.

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